The Gone Girl on a Train?

Paula Hawkins has said in interviews that she had the idea for her best-selling book ‘The Girl on the Train’ in her head for several years, but I still can’t help but see comparisons to ‘Gone Girl’, having read it.

Both books employ multiple narrators, speaking directly to the reader, in dated entries, and both concern the central idea of whether you can really know another person- no matter how close you are to them, no matter if you’re married to them.girl on the train

That said, the central narrator of ‘The Girl on the Train’, Rachel, is less Amazing Amy, and much more Bridget Jones: a thirty-something alcoholic, whose observations from her daily train commute, may or may not impact on a recent crime.

I quite enjoyed the book and its Englishness, though I liked the characters less the more I found about them. In fact, once I knew who ‘did it’, I wasn’t really too bothered about the end of the book!

Verdict: overhyped but a pleasant enough diversion- quick & undemanding read.

By the way, The Whimsical Bear would like to let you know that I do read more than just thrillers! It just seems to happen that I’ve reviewed them more. Recent reads include ‘The Dogs & The Wolves’ by Irene Nemirovsky, and the excellent ‘On Canaan’s Side’ by Sebastian Barry (definitely review material!)



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