I like to move it, move it…

Well, sometimes I don’t like to move it, move it (in fact, I look like I’m struggling in the picture to the right), but I do it anyway. I know that, even if I’m tired, I’ll more than likely feel better afterwards. sheila_mini_marathon

I look at it the same way I regard my pension plan, as a form of insurance for the future. I like living, and would like to do a lot more of it, as healthily as possible. In the meantime, I get a shot of endorphins, I’m a healthy weight and I like what I see when I look in the mirror. Happy Days.

So, I’m a big fan of my exercise. It wasn’t always the case. I’d asthma as a child, and pretty useless stamina, followed by attending a very sporty secondary school, where the girls who played hockey  seemed to automatically be good at every other sport as well. I still remember the schadenfreude of one of the best hockey players being put in the ‘bad breathers’ group with me during swimming classes in 5th Year. That said, credit to our school for not doing as other places do, and cutting PE in 6th Year so we could ‘concentrate on our exams’.

The sporty ethos must have rubbed off. I was quite fond of swimming by school’s end. Running, however, was another matter. When I started the half mile circuit of Trinity’s grounds, I used to stop behind the Pharmacy building, where no one could see me, to catch my breath.

London 2015 (34)Now, I even exercise on holidays. I’ve run by the Rhine, the Thames & the Seine. I’ve swum in a 120m outdoor pool in Vancouver, and in the Olympic Swimming Pool in London. Running especially is a great way to get a different perspective and feel like less of a tourist.

OK, I don’t exercise *every* time I’m on holidays, and I’ve no inclination to ever train for a marathon or triathlon (you’re crazy, the lot of you). I don’t always enjoy going to the gym, but I’m lucky to have good self-discipline, and as I said, I’ll invariably feel better afterwards.

So go on, give it a go- there’s bound to be something out there you’ll like. Your body, brain and future you will thank you.


3 Replies to “I like to move it, move it…”

    1. Wny not Merliza! But I’d always say to people to get OKed by a doctor and build up gradually. Overdoing it is not a good idea- just ask my physio!

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