Welcome to the Urban Farm!


OK, technically it’s the Suburban Farm, but it just doesn’t have as nice a ring to it.

It’s about time I said something about my amazing garden. Firstly, it is due to an amazing landscape gardener, namely Mr. WB. Without him, there would just be a non-descript slope above the cream steps, full of rubbish (I should take a picture of next door as proof!)

Instead, we have a thriving fruit & veg plot,even more so than when this photo was taken a few weeks ago. And yes, that IS a wood-burning pizza oven, also made by Mr. WB, with some help from yours truly with the plastering.

The ‘orchard’ is up the back: 5 apple trees, 2 blackcurrant bushes and lots of rhubarb, with more in the little square beds halfway down. There’s a strawberry pot too, out of sight in front of the blue pots/zinc buckets.

Lettuce and rocket are always planted, but we’ve also got courgettes, pumpkins, chard, kale, raddichio,  beetroot, peas, broad beans, runner beans, Jerusalem artichoke, and a herb bed down the front.

Growing my own food (and writing about it) makes me smile. 🙂



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