Saturday afternoon musings..

I was listening to the radio today, when a certain electrical shop asked if I wanted a ‘smarter, slimmer model’ advertising TVs up to 98 inches.

Be the envy of your friends‘ the ad said. Really? Is that it? Is that what I’m supposed to want? Is there someone out there who will buy a new TV because they want their friends to be jealous of them?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of ‘stuff’, and like everyone else in the developed world, probably far more than I need. But, being the envy of my friends is definitely not one of my goals or a factor in my purchasing decisions.

The ad didn’t exactly say that buying the new TV, or being the envy of your friends, would make you happy. In fact, maybe being the envy of your friends is the end in itself. Not sure what this says about one’s choice of friends….

Well, there’s definitely more to life than advertising and consumerism, so let’s end on a positive note.

What made me happy this Saturday? Yoga in the park, the smell of clothes dried outside, good food and podding peas with Mr. WB while listening to ‘Movies & Musicals‘ on Lyric FM. 🙂


2 Replies to “Saturday afternoon musings..”

  1. That’s what media does ,advertisements they will try anything and everything just to sell. Envy & Jealousy is never really good I did a young girls makeup yesterday and I envied her thick long hair in my part I was admiring it. Maybe I should stop using those words Envy & Jealous.

    1. I agree!Envy & Jealousy sounds like it could be a trendy make-up brand! I think we’d all be better trying not to use those words 🙂

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