We have a good time…Don’t we?- Maeve Higgins

Within a week of leaving Cobh, this is what I realised- there are millions of ways of living’.

Oh Maeve. All those times I spotted posters for shows in the Firkin Crane just too late, and now you’ve gone to the States (sigh). I think I’d get on very well with Maeve Higgins if I met her. And, in a way, I have. Such is the wonder of books (and having Mr. WB to buy them as presents!)

I’m a bit behind the times, as Maeve has another book since. Anyway, I really enjoyed this. It cheered me up, it made me laugh, it’s gentle and funny and observational. All those little things that might drift around the edge of your subconscious, Maeve picks up and has a careful look at.maeve higgins

In fact, I enjoyed the book so much, that I sent Maeve a message on Facebook to tell her, and how I wouldn’t be able to hang around Cobh on the pretext of visiting Dad (hello Dad!) hoping to run into her. Then (spoiler alert!), I read the chapter about her having had a stalker….oops. So, I reassured here that I wasn’t a stalker, but rather a happily married just turned 37 year old. Then I read the chapter about how Maeve is crushing on 37-year-old women!
No wonder I’d get on with her!

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