Week 7:30


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAApart from a leisurely lie-in on Tuesday (it must have been 7.50 before I was in the kitchen), the rest of this week started at 7.30am. No, not getting out of bed at 7.30; being in school at 7.30. My usual organic gardening class on Wednesday was followed by salad duty on Thursday and vegetable/herb duty on Friday. Quite how I escaped these two in the last six weeks is beyond me.

It turned out to be a great way to start the day: potting strawberries and chatting with gardener Susan Turner on Wednesday, following by sunrise in the glasshouse and more chatting with gardener Haulie Walsh the other mornings (to the extent that we forgot to get the red cabbages on Friday!)

Chatting was replaced by singing in the kitchen, with my wonderful partner James. Nothing like a little bop and shimmy to help you get your panna cotta on! Please only bop and shimmy if you are stirring and not chopping. Speaking of chopping, my finger is starting to look normal again, but is quite stiff and sore.


This week I both cooked and ate my first ever sticky toffee pudding. In fact, had I made many more ‘mmmmmmmmmmm’ noises, I would have been scolded for indecency. I was very gratified that three teachers, and Rachel Allen, all separately decided that they needed a second spoonful just to be sure when tasting. 🙂 I should point out, by the way, that I did NOT eat the entire pudding!

Incidentally, I have discovered, that the self-serve table in our dining room is far more encouraging of second helpings than the more organised counter buffet for Kitchen 3. This is not necessarily a good thing. Even if your second helpings are vegetables, they’re probably liberally anointed with butter. It’s not nicknamed ‘Buttermaloe’ for nothing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat else did the week bring? Burgers big and small, business lecture on Wednesday (with calculators at the ready for food costing), roast duck (I don’t mind if I do), Rachel having a bit of a struggle with her Swiss roll cookies, and the perfect end to the week: Saturday sunset at Ballycotton with Mr. WB.

Quote of the Week:
‘It should wobble like a woman’s breast’- one of my teachers describing the perfect panna cotta. Mine reluctantly came out of their teacups and sort of collapsed on the plate (the panna cottas, that is…)


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