Week 10: What’s on the menu?

That was the question on everyone’s lips this week, or at least on teacher Pam’s lips, as she sat enthroned in the hall on Thursday to receive the menus for our final practical exam. After weeks of caginess (‘Well, I don’t know, I might do something with a chicken, maybe, it’s a possibility’), it was finally out in the open.

For my part, I can reveal that I will be cooking curly kale soup with chorizo crumb; casserole roast chicken with marjoram, Ulster champ (mashed potatoes with peas & parsley), and glazed carrots; green salad, followed by lemon posset with blackberry sorbet and crystallized violets for dessert. I’ll also have to make a bread, which will be drawn by lots on the day before.

Christmas came early to Ballymaloe this week. We enjoyed a festive morning’s demonstration complete with teachers in festive aprons, a glass of mulled wine, and male classmates in overly-tight elf shorts. Francis even got his own bow tie, and got to sit up on the counter for demo!


There was more praline going on in the kitchen this week, between ice cream Tuesday and cake on Friday (via some tears on Thursday- what is it about Thursday?). This week also featured French Onion soup, some very nice ciabatta, and my first time preparing a scallop.

With wine exam next week and finals two weeks away, the heat is definitely on.  Dear Santa, this year I would like to pass my exams….

Quote of the Weak?:

‘I’m finding these shells very hot. Have I become weak?’ Rory wonders if he’s losing his superpowers

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