Rainbow Stir Fry

Look at the colours in this! (and ignore the bad lighting due to my shadow…)

Pop your leftover red cabbage from Christmas in with some finely sliced/shredded vegetables for a colourful, tasty and healthy ‘leftovers’ dinner. Mine included Brussel sprouts, carrots, yellow pepper & mushrooms. A few crunchy toasted sesame seeds will go in next time.

If you slice/chop finely enough, and make sure your oil is hot, the vegetables will cook quickly. I like to pop the harder veg (such as the carrots and sprouts) in for a minute or two before adding the ‘softer’ veg, like mushrooms or peppers. If, unlike us, you have some leftover Christmas meat in your fridge, shred it finely and pop that in too, making sure it’s thoroughly heated through.

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