Limbo Land

Forget *’La-La Land’, I’m in Limbo Land at at the moment. Every day, I’ve been coming home wondering if today is the day that my Ballymaloe results will be sitting on the hall floor, waiting for me. It’s been over 10 weeks now, though it seems far longer.

Before I’d even settled back into ‘normal’ life, I spotted this on Instagram: the dining room, set up for the First Supper of the next group of students. It was like the first time you see your ex walking past with someone new.

I jest.  Everything moves on, no matter how much we might want it to stand still.

So, what’s changed? Well, before Ballymaloe, I routinely made soup, stewed apple (or apple compote if you’re being fancy), granola and yoghurt. To that has been added sauerkraut and kombucha, with remarks such as ‘My scoby is looking a bit dodgy’ causing great amusement to Mr. WB. (For those not from Cork, a scoby is also a less than complimentary term for a northsider). I’m also experimenting with a variety of gluten-free soda breads- slowly, as I need to eat my way through a loaf before the next trial! My work lunches have become a lot more colourful and seasonal ( buying cucumber and tomatoes all year round is definitely a thing of the past).

I’m in equal parts envious and a little intimidated by some of my classmates’ amazing Instagram pictures, while trying to decide whether or not to enrol on a food photography course.

I’m  ‘settling in’ back at work, albeit with a new manager and new caseload, but still wondering what doing Ballymaloe will mean for me. I’m not always good at ‘the unknown’, but for now, I think that’s where I’ll be.

*If you have seen ‘La La Land’ and think ‘Life isn’t like that; nobody just bursts into song for no reason’, you have not lived in our house!

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