The New Arrival

Mr. WB tends to undertake a project during the winter when wet and windy weather means holiday time for gardeners. His projects tend to have a similar structure:

  1. Casually asking his wife ‘What would you think about X?’
  2. Long hours spent online researching X
  3. X appears

So far, this has led to a wood-burning stove, a wall mural in our sitting room,  sanding & polishing the floorboards in our bedroom, turning the box room into a yoga space, and building a pizza oven in the back garden. I’m doing pretty well out of all of this!

This year’s project is particularly exciting: we’re augmenting our back garden fruit & vegetable beds with an allotment! Having the chance to grow even more of our own food is exciting, especially having my own gardener (!), and now knowing multiple ways to cook and preserve the results.

So, we have become the proud owners of 90 square metres at Douglas Allotments. It gets better- we’re next door to the chickens (and ducks)! There’s a picnic bench, lockers for tools and a little communal kitchen, so I’m looking forward to summer Saturdays, bringing a picnic lunch and chatting to the neighbours.

At the moment, it’s a lot of physical work for Mr. WB, with my role being more limited to moral support, planting discussions and photography.  All his hard labour in building raised beds has earned Mr. WB the title of ‘poster boy’ for the allotment!

We eschewed the St. Patrick’s Day parade yesterday for something equally traditional- planting the spuds! This follows a controlled experiment of chitting vs. planting directly in pots with 2 different varieties.  In the absence of a potting shed, said experiment took place in the spare bedroom! Good job there were no (other) guests coming to stay.

Potatoes, carrot and onions planted. More to come!


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