Strawberry Fields

Or, at least, a strawberry bed.  I finally made some contribution to our allotment last Sunday by getting down on my knees and planting the strawberries- 66 plants to be precise. Eleven of my Ballymaloe plants survived, and were joined by 55 runners propagated from our own garden.

Potting strawberry runners in this morning's garden class.

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Will I have trouble figuring out what to do with all those strawberries? Will I what! My birthday is in June, and once I got past the stage of liking the sweetest, fakest-creamiest of Limerick’s birthday cakes, my Mum would make me a strawberry flan. So, that’s one. Add to that a plethora of Ballymaloe recipes, and my love of a good smoothie, and I think it’s safe to say they won’t be going to waste.

Speaking of waste, I was involved in a very interesting online Behaviour & Attitudes forum on food waste the other week. It featured the story of a rather different strawberry. Food for thought indeed.





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