Lights, Camera, Action

It’s a tough life being The Whimsical Bear at times! Last month, I got to go behind the scenes of ‘How to Cook Well’ with Rory O’Connell. Since his first series in 2015, I’ve heard so many people saying how much they enjoy watching Rory on TV. Even those with no interest in cooking tune in for his relaxed and calm delivery.

And yes, he is that relaxed and calm behind the scenes too, as were the film crew. I had great fun watching the makings of the programme, from still shots to ‘time pass’ photography (aka, let’s all sit around while the camera films the dessert in the oven!).

My involvement was mostly observation and dish washing, though when the whipped cream appears in the final episode, it will be a proud moment!

The new series starts on Tuesday 18th April, 7pm, RTE1.



(Top photograph by  Mark Scott, Image Magazine)

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