Fresh Gluten-Free Pasta: could it be?

So, after my adventures at Ballymaloe, there are several recipes and dishes that I want to try making gluten-free. I felt a little sad the day I made a beautiful silky sheet of ‘normal’ pasta, and watched as it obediently rolled through the pasta machine in ever thinner sheets that never cracked.

My first attempt at fresh gluten-free pasta is courtesy of River Cottage Gluten-Free cookbook.  It did necessitate buying some specialist ingredients such as psyllium husk, but I costed the pasta at €1.60 to make enough for 2-3 people.

There’s some planning ahead needed, as you need to mix a starter 6-12 hours ahead (or 24 hours in the fridge), as well as resting the dough for at least an hour (or up to 24 hours) once made.

The making of the pasta was easy, but keeping it together when rolling out more of a challenge.  The two floured sheets of cling film wasn’t the easiest to manipulate. I also found that it clumped together a bit when cooking. I think I’ll try to roll a bit more thinly next time and see how it goes.

It does taste good though- not too ‘heavy’. I paired my pasta with brocolli, broad beans (last year’s, thank you freezer), feta and parsley oil.

Conclusion: must try harder next time!


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