An Apple A Day…

Springtime is definitely apple blossom time. Of course, I’m so delayed writing this that’s it now summer (not that you’d know it from the rain outside today)!

One of Mr. WB’s favourite lines is ‘I know a guy’. Example: me talking about getting a marble slab to roll pastry, Mr. WB- ‘I know a guy’.  (He does- guess what I got as a Christmas present!)

I also know a guy- I have an ‘apple guy’, the great James Scannell of Mealagulla Orchards. I love going to the farmers’ market & digging into James’ huge box, picking out my own apples. In fact, the only time I desert James, is when we have our own (dessert!) apples from the back garden. In fairness, he’s very understanding of our temporary ‘break up’, and he can still rely on Mr. WB topping up with apple juice.

Anyway, we were very privileged to visit Mealgulla Orchards in April, when the apple trees were in blossom- all 21 acres of them.  I wandered among rows of pink blossoms, and listened to the bees buzzing, busy pollinating, knowing that these blossoms will, in a few months, become the apples that I add to my weekly basket.  It’s just not the same going into the supermarket, is it?


To end the post, our own apple blossom isn’t doing too badly either!


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