Allotment Update!

Regular readers are probably wondering what’s become of the allotment. There’s been a conspicuous silence since it was last mentioned in April.

There has not been a conspicuous absence of work though. Looking at the photo below, I think you’ll agree that Mr. WB has done an amazing job.

In the absence of a drone, I shimmied up a ladder to give you a good view:

  • There are beans growing up the trellis, with squashes in the small beds either side
  • Bed 1: Carrots and onions (both red and white).
  • Bed 2: Beetroot
  • Bed 3 (netted):  Kale & early sprouting brocolli
  • Bed 4: Courgettes & pumpkins
  • Bed 5: Potatoes
  • Bed 6 (frame awaiting netting): Strawberries
  • Plum tree ( in front of the strawberries-it’s easier spot the white oval tag than the actual tree!) & a final narrow bed at the back for the raspberries.

In case you wonder why there’s no salad crops, we have the luxury of growing them in our own garden- lots of different lettuces, along with chard, spinach, pak choi, mizuna & mustard, and broad beans & peas.

The strawberries have gone from looking promising at the end of May:

to looking tasty a few weeks later!




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