The Perfect Pizza

You may recall me talking about Mr. WB and his annual projects. 2015’s project was a pizza oven, in our back garden. Not one to simply buy a readymade model, Mr. WB duly research, designed, drew and built his own. My involvement was less than planned due to a sudden family illness, but I acquitted myself quite well with the plastering, with my small stature making me suitable for the more awkward corners. Read that as me with my stuck in next door’s griselinia trying to plaster the bottom right corner.

In a perfect partnership, Mr. WB looks after the fire while I do the bits in the kitchen. It’s not just for pizza- we’ve baked bread, roasted vegetables and cooked stews in it as well.  But the advent of good weather is definitely the signal to whip off the cover, fire up the oven, and put on some pizza.

I use a gluten-free recipe I found on Gluten Free Girl, which works well. I’ll let you know how I get on when I try my recipe from cookery school.

After much practice, a few weeks ago, we achieved the perfect pizza, just as good as we tasted in Italy! Tomato sauce (not too much), mozzarella (not too much), and some fresh rocket and basil.


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