About a Bear

‘Her mission was to see the world and to thrill with enjoyment of the picture’- Henry James

Since I was a child, I’ve had a running narrative in my head. Now, I have grown up into a 30-something girl/woman/lady (take your pick; I won’t get offended) living in Cork, Ireland with my wonderful husband and Francis G. Bear, he of the title and photograph.

Apparently, you should have a USP for your blog. When I started writing about eighteen months ago, I wasn’t sure what mine was. I’m still not to be honest, but the quote above is a good start, as is the tagline: good books, good food and the good life, with some occasional random thoughts thrown in.

I like my garden, reading, cooking (and eating the results!), plays, concerts, films, sleep, travel, friends, love and laughter.

I still don’t know who my audience will be, or what I will write about exactly, but I do know that I will write.

With love from The Whimsical Bear

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