I love Paris

What do you do when there’s a terrorist attack in your holiday destination, 12 hours before you get on a plane? Do you accept the airline’s offer of cancellation, abandon your hParisNov 2015 (34)oliday and stay at home? Is that letting the terrorists win? Do you decide that, logically, it’s going to be safer now with heightened security than it was the previous week, and go anyway? What do you do? Continue reading “I love Paris”

Happy January

Why not? Why does poor January have such a bad rep? Well, obviously we’re on an anti-climax after Christmas, it’s still dark and dreary….OK, enough.

Let’s view January instead as the upswing to Spring, with the evenings slowly, though impercertibly lengthening.

In the Bag

I always thought that I’d have a handbag when I grew up. In secondary school and college, I would think about my adult handbag and its contents. It would have one of my small mirrors, safety pins (can one go anywhere without them), wallet, lip balm, my copy of ‘The Little Book of Calm’ for those more trying moments. a neat little diary…  No matter what life threw at me, there would be something in my handbag to help. (I think J.K. Rowling must have felt like this too- remember Hermione’s bag in Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows?) Continue reading “In the Bag”

4th August 2015, 6pm

The wind whizzes past my cycling helmet on the way home from the gym. Two Angelus bells ring- one lower, one higher, out of synch, from the convents on opposite sides of the road. It is a comforting sound.

In a few months it will be dark at this time, and my sunglasses (hardly necessary today with the burgeoning cloud) will be replaced by flashing bike lights.

For now, my socks are rolled down, leaving a strip of bare ankle between my leggings and my trainers. The cool breeze on these few inches of skin is the best that summer has to offer me today, and that’s OK.